My name is Māris Ozols.


I create video games.

Usually this is the moment for a nostalgic story - for example, about how I was programming games on ZX Spectrum since I was five...

In reality our family didn't even have a VCR. I got my first computer when I started to go to a university.

Games have always attracted me as a source of entertainment, expression and inseparable part of modern culture.

I like history, strategy and tactic, and that probably shows in my games.

I have made a card solitaire Comrades and Barons: Solitaire of Bloody 1919 - first game ever about the Latvian War of Independence. This is also the first Latvian game in Steam that can be played in Latvian language.

I have made a tactical game Plaguepunk Justice, that takes place in a world of eternal plague.



Steam developer: curator/34886518

Game trailers: Youtube

Discord channel: