Comrades and Barons: Gates of Freedom

Comrades and Barons: Gates of Freedom is a turn-based wargame set during the Latvian War of Independence right after the end of World War I.

In the end of the year 1918 the army of Soviet Russia attempted an offensive towards west. Their goal is to spark a communist uprising, that will start from eastern Germany and eventually consume entire Europe. With this offensive the Red Army overstepped the borders of the newly created Baltic states. Latvia was in the center of the main offensive and had to desperately defend its independence.

Half a dozen different armies clashed during the year 1919 in Latvia, but in the end it was Latvian army that prevailed.

In Comrades and Barons: Gates of Freedom you will lead armies of Red Russians and White Russians, Baltic Germans and State Germans, Estonians and Latvians and relive the events of this exciting historical era.

There is a demo in the Steam page!


Game features: turn-based, hexagon fields, order of battle, card simulated combat, historical.

Development process video devlogs:

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Tenth video: